Performance-based Marketing

Game Lounge

Game Lounge Ltd is a Malta-based company focusing on performance-based marketing online targeting the gaming industry. Game Lounge is one of the fastest growing European company within performance-based marketing and the creation of leads on internet. The company attracts customers for online gaming operators through offering different products and services.

The company was founded in 2011 and launched its first affiliate portals targeting Finland and Sweden during the same year. Game Lounge’s expertise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has brought the firm success, as has its investment to create strong brands – something that no other competitor has accomplished so far. In January 2015, the Cherry Group acquired 51 percent of Game Lounge. The company primarily works with a business model based on revenue sharing with online gaming operators. Game Lounge is focusing on generating organic traffic of high quality customers to their gaming operators.

SEO Optimization

At the end of 2012, a number of popular sites were launched to compare different online casinos, and Game Lounge’s online assets gained high visibility in search engine result lists. The company also successfully invested in TV advertisement and digital media with impressive results. Game Lounge proceeded with its rapid expansion. The company focuses on providing informative and qualitive content on their sites in combination with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for valuable search-word that generate qualitative customers to the operators.

Expansion into new markets

The success from the sites launched in Sweden and Finland has followed Game Lounge as they have entered new markets, with awareness of the company increasing. Game Lounge is currently expanding, entering new markets and growing at a rapid speed. During 2016, the company went through an even bigger expansion to the UK, Germany, and most recently, Asia. Today, Game Lounge is operating in nine different markets, with Scandinavia accounting for the main part of the company’s turnover. The future looks very promising.

Game Lounge has together with Cherry iGaming launched two white label casinos, and

Game Lounge has over recent time completed two successful acquisitions, the first one during 2015 of Happiness Hunters that contributed with a number of Finnish affiliate sites, and during 2016 the company made an acquisition of Interclick Ltd. that contributed to further adding valuable internet sites with high SEO. Game Lounge has about 35 talented employees, and the main objective is to grow organically, as well as through acquisitions.

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