Restaurant Casino

Cherry Spelglädje AB

Following a record-breaking 2015 for our business area Restaurant Casino, which saw the segment improve its key numbers, during 2016 the company focused on creating an even stronger market position, both through ongoing organic growth and strategic acquisitions. The leadership roles have been clarified and streamlined to give the organisation the best possible foundation to continue to take on a bigger market share. The goal for Cherry is to secure its market-leading position. Cherry’s engagement and financial strength is an economic guarantee for suppliers, partners and employees.

Our Size - Our Strength

The restaurant casino market is regulated and accounts for about 1% of the total gambling market in Sweden. The gaming licence is issued by the Loteriinspektionen. Cherry Spelglädje AB is the largest operator in the country and holds 68% of the market. Through our own growth and strategic acquisitions, Cherry has excellent geographical coverage throughout Sweden. From Ystad in the south to Kiruna in the north, Cherry today has more than 285 different working partners. We work with restaurants, hotels, lounges and nightclubs. We provide the best material in terms of Black Jack tables and payment methods, we work effectively with the surrounding environment and provide our partners with the best and most educated staff.


Market share




Commitment and Seriousness

Cherry is continuously developing the organisation to make it as profitable as possible for all the partners involved. Technical improvements in combination with further education for staff, creates a foundation for growth in both productivity and profitability. The administrative data system, Joker, makes it possible to execute statistical follow-ups and effective analytics of the company’s profitability. Swedish gaming legislation is currently under pending investigation, and Cherry is the only private operator invited to take part in the reference group, with our goal being to raise the maximum bet size to SEK 200. This would result in a major boost for the restaurant casino market, and the new gaming legislation is expected to be in place sometime in the middle of 2018.

If you are interested in working with us and find the best solution for your business, do not hesitate to contact us, no casino business is too large or too small for us and we are always looking for new, innovative venues.