Sustainable Development

At Cherry, we take two main approaches to improving our sustainability work. The first aim is to continually decrease actions with a potential negative impact on the environment or the society in which we operate. The other aims to increase the implementation of actions that are beneficial for our customers, employees, shareholders, and wider society. Our sustainability work is performed with our partners in close proximity to the core business, in order to maintain a balance between financial development, environmental issues and social responsibility.

A passion for games is a theme throughout the entire Cherry organisation, but it is also closely associated with the concept of responsible gambling. Responsible gambling is one of the key factors in order to build long-term and healthy relationships with our customers: the players. Providing a safe gaming environment, online as well as in restaurant casinos, is important to us. We work continuously and proactively to improve the tools we offer our players to manage their own gaming limits, and make our systems more effective in order to discover changes in individuals’ game patterns at an early stage. We are also a member of the Branch Organisation for Online Games (BOS), an organisation conducting studies on problem gambling , and we are keeping up to date with relevant research to obtain and improve a safe and responsible gaming environment.

Through our environmental policy, we are working to minimise our impact on the environment. By using modern technology to carry out phone and video conference calls, we are minimising business related travel. We are also proud of our work towards gender equality, and today we have almost the exact same number of men and women working with us. Each year, we do a follow-up on our gender equality plan in order to detect, and professionally handle possible differences in gender, ethnic or cultural background, and sexual preference.

In addition to our sustainability work to minimise negative impacts on the environment and society, we are also working with projects that are beneficial for the wider society. It is not possible for privately-owned gaming companies to sponsor Swedish sport organisations, but we still want to contribute our share. Cherry has sponsored various projects and athletes through the years, such as partnering up with the Special Olympics via our brand, and sponsoring the rally driver Petter Solberg. Cherry also donates money to the NGO BRIS (Children’s Right in Society) each year.

Cherry created the Norwegian foundation FolkeAndelen, through its brand, and registered players have the opportunity to choose between 1,500 clubs, teams, or associations to sponsor, that are connected to the foundation. A portion of bets are donated to the organisation as chosen by the player. We have a great respect for all voluntary organisational work, and we will continue to make our contribution.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our sustainability work, please contact us at