Gaming Technology – XCaliber

XCaliber is Cherry Group’s most recently launched business area. XCaliber is a B2B technology company which offers innovative products and services to partners, gaming operators and beyond. Customers will get access to the market-leading gaming platform along with many innovative tools, performance tracking tool and integrated payment methods. The company have their headquarters in Malta and an additional development team in Poland

The gaming industry works well if we measure success purely by profitability. This has led to the attitude that there’s little need for true innovation, which has seen igaming fall behind other verticals in terms of creativity and progress. One of the largest challenges facing the gaming industry today is to be able to deal with a huge amount of data and massive numbers of transactions in real-time. There are many kinds of gaming platforms which handle certain levels, until the volumes increase and exert greater pressure on the technology – this is where new technologies and more robust setups are key to keeping up with customer.

XCaliber offer its clients a combination of access to their gaming platform, their integrated payment solution and performance tracking software. The business is built in three steps, the first one is to get to know their customers’ needs in order to create a tailored solution for them. The second step is working closely  with the client in order to integrate XCaliber’s products. The last step is to continuously offer their clients best in class support and services together with the latest and most innovative tools and functions.

All platforms are built using the latest technology, which makes it possible to handle a big volume without negatively affecting the customers or services. The iGaming software handles limitless amount of data while providing the flexibility needed to continuously deliver the newest innovations to the market with revolutionary releases.


Omarsys is a performance tracking software developed using the newest technologies available meaning that Omarsys combines the best features expected from tracking platforms with real time reporting and instant analytics  with the flexibility to service any verticals’ marketing and tracking needs.

XCaliber’s integrated payment tool, offers the possibility to accept multiple payment types and services for more than a dozen countries seemlessly. The  payment tool has advanced relentlessly and become progressively secure, including anti-fraud frameworks, customer identification and verification, and automated withdrawals.

XCaliber is Cherry’s fifth business area and third B2B segment. With diversified revenue streams, the Group continue to follow the strategy rolled out two years ago, alongside creating shareholder value.

Dario Arruda, CEO of XCaliber, added: “We’re really excited to be launching XCaliber. A huge amount of work and investment has gone into our technology and we are constantly pushing for further technological innovations. It makes perfect sense to make these solutions available to partners who know that they will have access to the same technology platform, services and potential that have helped make Cherry iGaming’s brands to grow so successfully. Our approach has always been to do well by doing good and we see profit as a natural by-product of success.”