Cherry Group

Financial performance

  Q4   jan-dec   Jan-Dec
SEK M 2017 2016 ∆% 2017 2016 ∆% 2016
Revenue 607 519 17% 2,252 1,102 104% 1,102
EBITDA 141 103 37% 429 174 146% 174
EBITDA-margin 23% 20% 19% 16% 16%
EBIT 105 70 50% 295 115 156% 115
Cherry Group    
2,016 2,017    
MSEK Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Revenue 172.5 177.3 191.7 214 519.4 541.4 535.8 567.3 607.3
EBITDA-margin, % 13.6 14.5 7.7 14.5 20.5 15.3 17.3 19.8 23.3

Cherry in brief

Business concept

Cherry’s strategy is to create shareholder value by owning and developing fast-growing and profitable gaming, media and entertainment companies.


Cherry’s vision is to be a model of entrepreneurship, responsibility and dedication. This means that Cherry will provide the best environment for developing profitable and fast-growing projects and companies within gaming, entertainment and media.

This drives our growth

Cherry is an owner company that develops and invests in various types of gaming companies and gaming assets. Our ambition is to develop strong and strategic partnerships by retaining the founders and senior executives who have continued to be active in the organisation.

Foresight, innovation, fresh thinking, organic growth and creation of value are principles guiding the construction and development of the diversified business areas. We have a long-term investment model in the assets and support the business areas as they grow. We endeavour to be a market-leading player in every individual business area in which we operate, while continuously looking for and exploring new business opportunities. Our ambition is to develop strong and strategic partnerships.

Our operations

Cherry has been operating gaming activities since 1963 and developed to the position where today it is a group that invests in and manages companies throughout the value chain for the gaming industry. Cherry operates within five diversified business areas, Online Gaming through ComeOn, Game Development through Yggdrasil Gaming and Highlight Game, Online Marketing through Game Lounge, Gaming Technology through XCaliber, and Restaurant Casino through Cherry Spelglädje.

Core values

Cherry’s core values should permeate everything the company does:

  • Fun & Excitement. The fun and excitement we offer form the foundation for Cherry’s operations.
  • Responsibility. Cherry takes responsibility – for our players, our partners and our staff. Cherry has, for over 50 years, been the safe, reliable and established alternative.
  • Engagement. Cherry is passionate about gaming. We do everything in our power to offer the best service and the highest quality. We love going that extra mile to have the most satisfied customers.