Management Team

Gunnar Lind
Gunnar Lind
Board member and acting CEO

Born 1958. Board member since 2013. Chairman of the audit committee and member of the remuneration committee.

Education and professional experience: Degree in transport and logistics. University studies in economics. Previous Chief Operating Officer, deputy CEO and Group CEO of Cherry during the years 2004–2011.

Other current assignments/positions: Chairman of the board of Explore Lofsdalen AB, Cherry Spelglädje AB and Lofsdalsspår Ekonomisk förening.

Past engagements during the last five years: Chairman of the board of Soundhailer AB.

Shareholding in Cherry AB, including related parties: 653,600 class B shares.

Independency: Independent in relation to the company and the company’s major shareholders. Dependent to its management .

Christine Rankin
Christine Rankin

Born 1964. CFO since April, 2017.

Education and professional experience: BSc. BA, Stockholm University. Previously VP Finance of Serneke Group AB, Head of Corporate Control of Spotify Sweden AB and partner of PwC.
Other current assignments/positions: Board Member of TechnoPolis OYJ.

Shareholding in Cherry, including related parties: 850 class B shares.

Anders Antonsson
Anders Antonsson
Head of IR & Communications

Born 1964. Head of IR & Communications since November, 2017 (consultant).

Education and professional experience: BA, Lund University, 1988. Chairman of the Board of RHR Corporate Communication AB, member of the Board and President of circle360 communication AB. Previously IR and Communications Manager at Nordic Waterproofing Holding A/S, and at Serneke Group AB (publ)
Other current assignments/positions: Advisor to listed companies.

Shareholding in Cherry, including related parties: –