Nomination committee 2019

The Cherry AB 2017 Annual General Meeting has resolved on the principles of how to appoint the nomination committee. Cherry AB’s nomination committee shall be composed of the representatives of the three largest shareholders in terms of voting rights listed in the shareholders’ register maintained by Euroclear Sweden as per 30 September each year, and the chairman of the board of directors, who will also convene the first meeting of the nomination committee.

The following representatives of Cherry AB’s shareholders, together with the Executive Chairman, Morten Klein, will form the nomination committee for the 2019 Annual General Meeting:

  • Jeremy Xuereb, appointed by Prunus Avium Ltd
  • Arild Karlsen, appointed by Klein Group AS
  • Pontus Lindvall, appointed by Per Hamberg

The three representatives are representing approximately 41 percent of the total number of votes in the company. The member representing the largest shareholder in terms of voting rights shall be appointed chairman of the nomination committee, unless otherwise decided by the members of the nomination committee. However, a board member shall not be the chairman of the nomination committee.

The nomination committee’s proposals will be presented in the notice for the 2019 Annual General Meeting and on the company’s web site.

Shareholders who wish to present proposals to the nomination committee can submit them to Cherry AB, Attn: Nomination committee, Stureplan 19, SE-111 45 Stockholm, Sweden or by email to