Online Marketing

Financial performance

MSEK 2,018 2,017 ∆%
Revenue 72 39 87%
EBITDA 33 27 19%
EBITDA-margin 45% 71%
EBIT 29 25 14%
2,017 2,018
MSEK Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Revenue 18.7 29.7 33 44.6 38.7 56 57.4 68.7 72.2
EBITDA-margin, % 28.3 48.9 62 75 71 60 48 53 45

Online Marketing

Our performance-based marketing business area is growing fast with good profitability.

Game Lounge

Cherry conducts operations within online marketing through its investment in Game Lounge. The company is one of the fastest growing European companies in online marketing and the creation of customer contacts (leads) on the internet. Game Lounge focus on operators within online gaming and has recently entered into other segments. The company attracts online players through various products and services and then forwards them to various B2B customers, i.e. online gaming operators such as Betsson, Unibet, ComeOn. The company’s business model is based on revenue sharing with online gaming operators, where Game Lounge delivers high quality customers to operators through organic traffic. The company currently operates in nine markets and continues its efforts to build strong brands, boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and expand into new markets. Cherry holds 95 percent of the shares of Game Lounge Ltd.