Research and studies related to responsible gambling and gambling problems

Research related to gambling problems is a relatively new concept, hence we are lacking a verified body of knowledge on how gambling addiction can be prevented. Cherry is up to date with the research available today, and we are working to improve the tools and functions created to minimise gambling related problems. Research and knowledge are two important factors that we depend on in order to make long-term sustainable decisions regarding the prevention of gambling problems.

Cherry is a member of the Branch Organisation for Online Games (BOS), an organisation that represents companies who obtained an EU-based licence to operate in the gaming industry in the Swedish market. BOS publishes studies about gambling related problems caused within the ongoing development of the Swedish and European gaming market. Opinions and opinion-forming actions are presented as documented facts by different stakeholders. Its first study disproved a previous myth that claimed that the emergence of online gaming has increased unhealthy gambling behaviour in the Swedish population. The BOS study shows that the percentage of the people with gambling problems is around two percent of the total population over 16 years of age, and it also shows that this level has remained constant since 1999, before the internet boom. Furthermore, the study also disproves the myth that it could be possible to undertake risk assessments of different type of games and genres. The existing research is, however, insufficient, and the knowledge about causality between game type and gambling addiction is not possible to establish on a scientific basis at the current time.

Cherry is, via BOS, a member of the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), which has produced a number of studies about different aspects of responsible gambling and gambling problems. For example, it published a study about detecting gambling related problems at an early stage. The study concludes that the access to various tools is greater for online gaming companies than for physical gaming locations, because online operators can allow players to limit how much money they want to bet during their online gaming experience.

Restaurant casino is a type of gaming where the risk of addiction is not as high as for most other types of gaming. This is because the games are monitored by experienced staff and have lower maximum deposits. For example, the maximum deposit on Blackjack is 70 kr while Casino Cosmopol, the state-owned casino, have the right to offer deposits of up to 88 600 kr.

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