Responsible Gaming

At Cherry, we believe that gaming should always be fun, entertaining and conducted in a safe environment. Cherry offers quality gaming via the different channels of restaurant casinos and online gaming platforms. Physical gaming in restaurant casinos is controlled by set deposit limits, but can still create unwanted gambling behaviour. Due to its different characteristics, online gaming is usually associated with greater risks, since the controls are more limited and it places more responsibility on the individual player. We work together as an organisation to proactively address issues related to gambling, and it is of the greatest importance to offer our players a safe environment when they play with us.

Many people find playing with real money to be entertaining and fun, and it is important to know that the main proportion of these people play in direct relation to what they think the gaming experience is worth, and therefore never have any problems related to gambling. We want to build long-term relationships with our customers and we encourage them to play in moderation. Research about gambling and related problems is a relatively new concept, and we are therefore lacking a body of verified knowledge about how gambling addiction can be prevented. Cherry is up to date with the research available and is working continuously to improve the tools and functions created to decrease gambling problems.

We have taken action in order to actively prevent gambling problems by setting a strict age limit on all of our games, and we have also chosen to not support young athletes because we do not wish to encourage minors to play with real money.

Cherry is using a unique back-up system, which provides us with constant monitoring of gaming activity, and we analyse individual patterns and behaviour related to gaming on a daily basis. If we discover any drastic changes in an individual players’ game pattern, these changes will be analysed and evaluated by a special team within the organisation. Thereafter, we work to come up with an individual solution for that specific player, and common measures include contacting the player to see how he or she is doing, and if we can do anything to help them. We also inform them about the different ways to limit their gambling, and these limitations can be set by the player via their own private account.

Cherry’s business is built on licenses in Sweden, Malta, Great Britain, Schleswig-Holstein, and Gibraltar. All these licenses include high requirements on the part of the Cherry Group, and their affiliates, as a gaming operator. Cherry has been a serious actor in the gaming business for more than 50 years, and during these years we have used an open and constructive dialogue with politicians and other interest groups, in Sweden as well as internationally, to obtain constant development. As a result of our hard work, we are today the only private member of the state gambling investigation group regarding the re-regulation of Sweden’s gaming legislation. We are also active in Norway and Germany to ensure fair re-regulation for both players and operators.