Support for Gambling Dependency

What are the characteristics for gambling problems?

It is common that someone with a gambling problem will play or lose more money than they originally anticipated, or can afford. Wins are often used for re-bets and losses are not accepted, with the player instead trying to win the money back. If this behaviour continues, it will result in long-term problems related to health, finances, and social relations. In the worst case scenario, a gambling addiction is developed.

There are varying degrees of gambling problems and here are some general indicators that the gambling has reached the point of becoming an addiction.

These include:

  • The player is lying about how much, or for how much he or she is playing.
  • The player is returning to the site or the game to win back prior losses.
  • The player’s thought process revolves around prior or planned games.
  • The player is spending much more money than he or she anticipated.
  • The player is trying to limit participation but has failed to do so.
  • The player relies on other people to help him or her out financially.

How can we help?

The difference between Cherry and other gaming companies is that we are able to undertake a lot of our communication with players on a face-to-face basis, and employees in our restaurant casinos are trained to detect signs of unhealthy patterns. The players have the main responsibility to stop playing, but if a player notifies an attendant about a gambling problem, or that he or she should not be allowed to partake in any of the games, our staff will act accordingly to help.

Online gaming is also controlled, and we have created a number of tools that the players can use to limit their gaming. For example, there are functions where the player can follow and keep an eye on their gaming history, deposits made, and withdrawals. It is also possible for the player to create gaming budgets for themselves for a fixed period of time. There is another tool to request a temporary gaming break or limit the access to specific products and services. The player can always close his or her account, temporarily or permanently. If an addiction is stated as the reason for the account to be closed down, the account can never be reopened, even if the player manages to overcome the addiction.

Customers in urgent need of help to limit their gaming activities should contact our customer support immediately. We are open 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. Phone (from Sweden: 020 889 212, from outside Sweden: +356 2276 6505), email ( or chat.

We recommend the following organisations for people, or relatives of people with gambling problems, that wish to receive help and treatment:

Here is a test you can do yourself to test your gambling habits:

You can also block game sites on your computer. Download the programme via the link below: